Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Legend of Super Wilson

It was the evening. That was John’s bedtime. Grandpa tucked him in bed, and before he could leave, John asked him, “May I please have a bedtime story?”

“This is one of my favorites,” said Grandpa. “Once upon a time, on Mars, there lived a little alien named Wilson Bob. His friends called him Wilson for short. Now, Wilson was a nice little alien. He behaved when his mother and father told him to do something. One day, when he was playing outside, on the rusty red ground of Mars, he saw a flying saucer. It was a purple one, with blinking yellow lights. It had an alien inside! Wilson was a little scared at first, but then the alien came out. He looked friendly, and he had black oval-shaped eyes. Now, this alien was a friendly alien. Wilson got a little closer, and the alien said to him, “My name is Zorg.” “Well, nice to meet you, Mr. Zorg,” said Wilson, shaking hands with his new friend. “I live on Saturn,” said Zorg. He got a heavy, boiling pot of water, and dropped a little green pellet into the pot. There was some sort of magical gel inside the pellet, but no ordinary magic. Magic that could make purple smoke.”

“Go on,” said John.

“Well,” said Grandpa, “the purple smoke steamed from the pot, and in the smoke Wilson could see a creature that looked like him. But the creature was frowning, with thick black eyebrows covering his eyes. “Evil Wilson,” said Zorg. Wilson gasped. “You have to help me defeat him,” continued Zorg. Wilson nodded. “Here’s your cape.” Zorg brought a cape and sticky-backed paste on SW to Wilson. “Put them on,” he said. Wilson stuck the SW on his chest, and put on the cape. “What does SW stand for?” he asked. “Super Wilson,” said Zorg. “Thanks for officially making me a super hero,” said Super Wilson. “Now let’s go before that cruel villain crushes Saturn forever,” said Zorg. Zorg sprinkled magic dust on Super Wilson, and they both flew to Evil Wilson’s lair.”

“I’m loving it so far,” said John. "It’s my favorite too.”

“Thank you,” said Grandpa.

“What should we do now?” asked Super Wilson. “Trick Evil Wilson,” said Zorg. “He’s pretty uuuuh, it’s hard to explain.” “You’re funny,” said Super Wilson. “Let’s hurry,” said Zorg. They entered the entrance. But it was a fake entrance!”

“Please tell me some more,” said John.

“All right,” said Grandpa.

“But Evil Wilson didn’t know that Zorg could turn into things. Zorg took a deep breath, and in his mind, thought of what he wanted to be. He let out the breath, and he was a helicopter! “Hop in me, Super Wilson,” said Zorg. Super Wilson did as Zorg told him to. Zorg flew up and crashed through the ceiling. Then they crashed through the wall above the ceiling, and landed in Evil Wilson’s room. He was sleeping in his bed. Zorg turned back into an alien, and they both tiptoed toward the bed. They pressed a button on the alarm clock, and it let out a humongous RRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG! Evil Wilson hopped out his bed, surprised. At that moment, Zorg turned into a rope and wrapped himself around Evil Wilson. Super Wilson held onto one end of the rope, and he flew, including Evil Wilson, to the police station. The police arrested Evil Wilson, and locked him in jail. Zorg and Super Wilson lived happily ever after. The end.”

“That was great!” shouted John. “Please tell me another story tomorrow night.”

“All right,” said Grandpa. “But now it’s time for a young boy to go to sleep.”

“Okay,” John chuckled.

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